July 2020 update: Our new facilities are now open!  Learn more about the campus expansion in a recent Natick Report article.

In October 2019, Riverbend School broke ground on a new classroom building that will contain three purpose-built Lower Elementary classrooms and Design and Art studios. In addition, a stand-alone, full-size gymnasium is under construction. Both of these buildings will be located on the field adjacent to the currently standing Middle School (Historic Peletiah Morse Tavern) and Children’s House.

The vision of this project was first imagined in the school’s 2012 master plan, and it was further developed in the school’s most recent Strategic Plan in 2017. Beginning in August 2018 the Board of Directors and the administration of the school carefully evaluated this project and determined its necessity to the future of Riverbend. During this time we have developed and initiated a fundraising plan, tasked the Finance Committee of the Board to investigate financing options, and convened the Plant Committee made up of Board and Administration that has engaged an architect and a construction company to translate this project from paper to reality.

●  Construction​- The school has once again engaged Jim Piatt as architect. Jim designed both the Tavern and Children’s House. The new design will complement the “campus” feel that has already taken shape on the northeast side of route 16. The Plant Committee extended a Request For Proposal (RFP) to six general contractors, and CE Floyd was awarded the contract in June.

This project is transformative for Riverbend, and begins to fulfill the vision of a campus located all on one side of the street. The designs of these two buildings will mirror the functionality and beauty of the Children’s House and Renovated Middle School in the historic Peletiah Morse Tavern. With this construction we will continue our trajectory as the preeminent Montessori school in the area, ensuring we continue to retain and attract new families to our vibrant school community.

The completion of this project for the opening of school in September 2020 will involve the energy and support of the entire community and will coincide with the 10th Anniversary of the creation of Riverbend School. A few logistics and notes on the impact of this project during the school year:

●  Fundraising ​- We will continue to raise capital dollars as the project commences. For opportunities to get involved or more information please email dhall@rvbs.org.

●  Logistics​ – As the field next to the Tavern will be transformed into a construction zone, there will be an impact on parking for events. Parking plans will be shared prior to each school event, and we thank you in advance for your flexibility and understanding.

Community ​- A ​Ground Breaking Ceremony​ was held on October 11, 2019, so students and our community could be involved in the excitement. We have continued to offer regular updates and opportunities for the children to observe and interact with the project.

This is an exciting moment in the history of our young school. In a relatively short span Riverbend has grown from a merger of two Montessori programs to become a school that embodies the best a Toddler through Grade Eight Montessori education has to offer. We look forward to this growth as we take the next step in our evolution to become a campus with first rate facilities that support the exceptional quality of our programs.

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