Students completed an experiential study of buoyancy by building a boat out of aluminum foil, making a prediction about how much weight the boat could hold (marbles), then testing it in a tub of water. Students practiced fine motor skills, making predictions, counting, and started to develop an understanding of why objects float and sink.



Students built circuits using Squishy Circuits, which use conductive and insulating play dough to understand the basics of electrical circuits in an interesting and hands-on way! With Squishy Circuits, students made a creation with play dough and then added lights to light it up. We even made a sushi circuit! This was an introductory lesson in circuits to prepare students to make their Haunted House using copper tape, a battery, and LEDs to make it light up!  Because the circuits are delicate, students came home with extra copper tape so they could make another circuit at home! Happy Haunting!



Students are almost finished with their open-ended littleBits projects. We have all kinds of interesting and very innovative projects such as dogs who tails spin, a pollinator/bee game, special glasses that light up, cars that beep and move, and an automatic dog feeder.



Students are building a model of a flood safe city in the dLab. After completing research in science class and consulting with experts in the field, students brainstormed ideas and created a blue print which incorporated their ideas to make a city that includes marshes, canals, dikes, trees, floating homes, and other such features. Now students are coming to the dLab to build their models. They have really great ideas and innovations that city planners should seriously consider when designing future cities!

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