Today in our Lower Elementary some feathery friends came into class for a visit.

The Mass Audubon came to teach our students about owl species that live in our state. Students were taught about different predatory bird species and were shown a comparison between an owl’s talons and a hawks. They were also taught about the various features that owls use to survive and hunt. Some of these included camouflage, specific dietary needs, hollow bones and feathers. They got an in depth explanation of the difference between human and owl eyes. Students also learned that owl’s necks can rotate up to 270 degrees!

The first visitor was an Eastern Screech Owl that was nine years old and weighed about 6oz. They learned that this male owl reached his full adult growth when he was just 4 months old like the rest of his species.

The second visitor is also Massachusett’s second largest species of owl, The Great Horned Owl. This owl weighed two and a half pounds and is only second to the Great Grey Owl in size in our state. These owls have a big appetite and are even known to eat skunk, which they are able to do because the owls have little sense of taste or smell!


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