Kindergarten students had their very first Design class. As they walked over to the brick building, one student said, “I’m so EXCITED to learn about this THING (Design) that I have never learned about before!” Their excitement and enthusiasm were beyond visible.

As they entered the Design Lab, they were in awe to find a HUGE sculpture built using only cardboard boxes. Students were then invited to observe and share their thoughts about the sculpture. “It’s made of cardboard!” “The boxes are all different sizes!” “Who created it?” “The different boxes aren’t glued together”. These were some of their observations.

Students were then invited to think about building games that they usually play with at home or school. Together they identified some of them, such as Leg, and wooden blocks. They were then asked, “Can we transform these boxes into a building game?”

“Of course, we can!” They assured me.

For the remainder of the class, in small groups, using a variety of materials such as markers, crayons, and tape students designed their cardboard building blocks. As the end of class, they brought all of them together into their very own large-scale sculpture. Each cardboard block was carefully placed on top or to the side of another one making sure that their sculpture was balanced. As students organized themselves to leave the Design Lab, they requested to take a photograph with their masterful creation, and one student said, “It’s our very own HUGE Jenga!”

They will continue working on their cardboard blocks next week, and hopefully, it will have many appearances during recess.

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