Today in Ms. Janey’s nature class with our Primary students, we learned about all the great techniques birds use to keep warm in these frigid temperatures. Migration – the great escape from the cold temperatures is an option for some species. However; if birds stay and do not migrate, they have developed many adaptations to keep warm. We talked about how the top feathers are waterproof and the downy feathers act as a warm blanket to protect our feathered friends from deep chills. During cold snaps birds will tuck their legs underneath or sit on them. They will also huddle together and protect themselves with body heat. Puffing themselves up, they add a layer of air that insulates their bodies. We moved our bodies to act out how birds behave in winter to keep warm. Brrr – stay warm everyone!


Tucking one foot into our feathers to keep our leg warm just like birds! 

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