The Riverbend Ravens flag football team recently played Cambridge Montessori School in a game where both teams showcased great sportsmanship, teamwork and energy. The following article is a personal account of the game written by Ravens team member Cameron (6th grade).

“After months of practicing, Cambridge Montessori School (CMS) and Riverbend School were ready to face off in a head-to-head flag football game. As school ended and the Cambridge school bus shuttled their players over to Riverbend, spirits were high. Here we were, ready to play an actual game after preparing for it for so long. Older kids, younger kids, taller kids, shorter kids, boys, girls, they had a really good team. We then fastened on our flags and started to warm up. As the crowd arrived, the beginning of the game was close.

Six players from each team bounced onto the field with excitement and lined up. Cambridge started with the ball. As the plays went on, it proved to be very tough, both for the defence and the offence. Riverbend and CMS went back and forth with the ball sometimes scoring sometimes not. Very early into the game, our very own Elliot set the tone for the game with an interception leading to a touchdown then another interception right afterwards. CMS’s spirits were down and Riverbend was taking the advantage they had with those two picks. After Elliot’s interceptions, a couple more were picked from the air from our Riverbend players and returned down the field for touchdowns, or if not, very close to the end zone. Riverbend started to gain a big lead due to our tight defence and our amazing, fast offence. CMS was struggling as the game continued, throwing more and more picks and letting Riverbend players to get behind them while of offence. Marcello, the only 4th grader on our team, plucked a bullet out of the air while in the endzone and fell down for a fantastic touchdown. Every drive, teams were allowed one run and on Riverbend, Cameron usually took them as he was one of the fastest. Near halftime, Riverbend had the ball on a 4th down and needed a big play to get a first down. As the team huddled together Albert, the usual QB, handed the ball to Cam and told him to run it. And so he did. As he called the play and the game went into motion, he took off down the line juking out defenders left and right until he was homefree. Another great play was when Antonio ran past all of the defenders and Albert chucked it long for him to catch. All in all, it was a fantastic game with great plays from either end. The final score was 78-28, with Riverbend on top.”

-Cameron, Upper Elementary, 6th Grade

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