At our recent Holiday Party, parents were presented with the result of a week-long effort called “the True Colors Project”. The purpose of the project was to reflect the essence of Montessori and the spirit of Riverbend — a recognition that every child is unique, a celebration of the talents each student brings. We used this theme to create “the True Colors Project” video, and each student traced their handprint on a banner  that was on display to represent the beautiful rainbow of colors that is Riverbend.



Following the video, Head of School Dr. Christine Price gave the following remarks:

True Colors….what are our true colors here at Riverbend School? When I think about the phrase, I think it means who are we at our core, who are we when all is said and done. We’re not only a child-centered school— every school is or should be. We’re not only a community of families who want the best educational experience for their children— every school’s success is linked to the deep commitment of parents and faculty alike. We’re not only a place where every child can find their passion for learning and develop the crucial skill sets for lifelong learning— every school strives to be that place for each child. So, what, then, sets us apart as the unique learning community we are? What are our true colors?

Riverbend’s philosophy and mission are rooted in the wisdom of a woman who, over 100 years ago, recognized that children’s innate curiosity and drive to discover are at the heart of becoming a fully aware, creative, and engaged human being, and that the early learning experiences they have profoundly shape their life trajectories. Maria Montessori observed, without benefit of video, apps, or social media, that following the child leads to limitless possibilities for them and for our society as they grow into adults. We embrace this philosophy— that’s one of our true colors. We are blessed by this historical foundation, while at the same time we’re charting our own course and making our own history through innovations that Maria could only dream of. And in choosing this singular approach to learning for our children, we’re saying that this is the best educational approach out there bar none— we choose Riverbend because of its Montessori roots and because Montessori is a gateway to so many avenues for our children to learn, preparing them to be the next generation of society’s leaders— wise, insatiably curious, compassionate, peaceful, creative, entrepreneurial. This is what makes our school’s true colors so vibrant, and why we can share our educational choice for our children with pride and enthusiasm. In the spirit of Cyndi Lauper, we see our true colors and we’re not afraid to let them show! Tonite, we’re celebrating who we are and who we hope to become— thank you for being a member of our community and making our true colors glow!

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