Our #1 goal is to nurture and sustain the natural curiosity of children, inspiring them to learn and explore through hands-on, meaningful, independent, and collaborative work.

Rooted in the best principles of Montessori education, our focus is on meeting the needs of every child while building a community where all children can thrive academically and emotionally.

Our students feel known and respected, and this supports their development as engaged, enthusiastic learners, and kind, compassionate, connected members of our community.

What sets Riverbend apart from other excellent schools you may consider?

We are a true community of learners. Every member of the Riverbend community, from teachers and students to parents and other family members, is actively engaged in improving how we teach, learn, and inspire one another to embrace each new challenge.

We understand the needs of children. Our Montessori-trained teachers are talented, caring, and expert in providing what each child needs at every moment of development. We build upon the best principles of Montessori education in designing our classrooms, our curriculum, and our community to meet the evolving needs of our students.

We offer the best of Montessori education. We build upon the work of Maria Montessori and more than a century of Montessori education around the world. Our students are prepared to thrive in leading high schools and colleges and to become leaders in whatever endeavors they choose to pursue. This brain-based, developmental educational approach empowers children to make creative choices and become independent learners. They succeed through hands-on learning, self expression, and collaborative play in a beautiful environment of respect, peace, and joy.

Innovation is in our DNA. We are inspired by the rapid changes in our world and constantly revisit the core questions of what children need and when they need it. Like Maria Montessori, we observe children in their world and provide the learning tools and experiences that will prepare them for the world in which they will learn, work, live, and lead.

We empower our graduates to change the world. Creative, entrepreneurial, fearless—Montessori graduates have changed our world in fundamental ways, and Riverbend is preparing the next generations of Montessori graduates who will shape our future.

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