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Anna King (2005-2010)

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When I look back on my time at Riverbend — then called Eliot Montessori — I think of the freedom I had as a student while still being responsible for my own learning. Of course, I always had the support of my teachers and they are some of the most impactful relationships I made in those years. I would tell students today to cherish the relationships with your teachers because it’s those connections you will continue to rely on as you move on to high school and college.

The teachers at Riverbend were always so kind. I remember clinging to Mr. Cohen’s side on my first day of first grade until another student,  Julia Pasco-Anderson,  invited me to sit with her. I still keep in touch with Julia and we are good friends today! I keep in touch with other friends, too, like Sophia Sardegna, who I remember working with on the simple machines project. I would stock my cubby with thread and other materials we might need to make a pulley machine. 

Some of my favorite memories from my days at Riverbend are the spring and winter concerts. It was always so exciting to perform at Babson College, and many of the families would go out for ice cream afterwards. That time spent with friends may seem like a small thing, but those are the memories I treasure.

I graduated high school in 2017 and went on to Marist College in New York where I earned my bachelor’s degree with a double major in psychology and criminal justice. That degree led to my current position at UMASS Memorial in Worcester as a social worker aiding pediatric patients with mental health needs. I hope to go on to earn my LCSW and LICSW licensure and continue my career in social work.