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About Us

Can you imagine a school where the students can’t wait to arrive every morning … and are reluctant to go home every afternoon?

That’s Riverbend.

Our students love coming to school! There are many reasons why, but I can sum it up into four key points:

The best of Montessori education. By tapping into the most powerful and relevant aspects of Montessori education, we engage students as learners and leaders now…and for their future.

A truly individualized approach. Our Montessori-trained teachers are talented, caring, and expert in providing what each child needs at every moment of development, inspiring them to become thoughtful, confident, articulate students and graduates.

A joyful, connected community. Every member of the Riverbend community, from teachers and students to parents and other family members, is actively engaged in improving how we teach, learn, and inspire one another to embrace each new challenge.

A purpose-built environment. Everything about Riverbend—from our expansive campus to our breadth of teaching materials—is designed to foster curiosity and community.

Riverbend graduates students who are passionately curious, deeply compassionate, and truly dedicated to making positive change in the world. With Maria Montessori’s charge to “follow the child,” our faculty and staff —in partnership with each family— guide each child’s educational journey, inspiring them to engage and achieve at their highest potential.

I invite you to visit us — to experience our curriculum, campus and community for yourself. We hope you’ll ask us questions, learn more about Montessori, and begin to understand the many ways Riverbend is purpose-built to serve the unique needs and potential of every child.

Please reach out to schedule a visit. We can’t wait to meet you!


Brooke Hopkins
Head of School