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Statement on Women’s Rights

It is during deeply divided times such as these, due to the politicization of our society, that we must be reminded to stand in unity and solidarity with those who are most vulnerable.  The Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade has had a deep impact on the lives of women across the nation, and we would be remiss as an institution not to acknowledge the negative ramifications a decision such as this will have on so many women.  

In addition, it is imperative that we centralize how history has shown us that a decision such as this will have an even greater disproportionate impact on BlPOC women.  The CDC estimates that before Roe v. Wade, between the years of 1972 and 1974 the mortality rate due to unsafe abortions was 12 time higher for BIPOC women than that of white women.  

Furthermore, in a country where for every dollar a White man makes, Indeginous women only make 60 cents, African-American women only make 64 cents, and Latine women make only 57 cents, it is evident as to why economists are concerned as to how the overturning of Roe v. Wade will also have negative impacts on BIPOC women’s earning power.  

There is so much we could say as to why this decision will greatly affect the livelihoods of so many individuals of historically marginalized identities, however we as a school choose to speak not for performance, but to demonstrate through action that we are an institution that values human rights. 

We will continue to do our part as educators to utilize education as a means to build and transform our society into one that is equitable, inclusive, and centralizes the rights of those who have been historically marginalized.

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