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Welcome to Riverbend

We are delighted to share the story of our unique community.

Riverbend is a dynamic young school whose history includes the merger of two highly respected Montessori schools, Natick Montessori and Eliot Montessori, to create a learning experience that spans the Toddler years through Middle School. Riverbend graduates students who are passionately curious, compassionate about their communities and the people who live in them, and who are dedicated to making positive change in the world. With Maria Montessori’s charge to “follow the child,” the faculty and staff of Riverbend guide each child’s educational journey, teaching, guiding, and nurturing along the way. Children discover what they love, what they know and want to know, and contribute as members of a diverse, inclusive community of learners.

Riverbend students learn indoors and out, in groups and individually, on campus and beyond. They are rooted in our riverside campus, but seek new ways to explore the environments in which they live. Most of all Riverbend children share their joy of discovery with all members of the community, be they classmates, younger or older reading buddies, parents, staff, or faculty. From tending the schoolyard garden to sponsoring a resolution at the Model Montessori United Nations in New York, Riverbend children are hands-on, active learners, whose curiosity is sparked, never quashed, by their daily classroom work. In turn, Riverbend students are supported by an equally active, engaged, and curious parent body, whose generosity has, over the past five years, made many dreams come true. One has only to visit our stunning new Children’s House, Lower Elementary, and gymnasium buildings to see a dream that became a reality.

And we hope you’ll do just that—visit us! We invite you to come and see what’s happening firsthand at our wonderful school. We hope you’ll ask us questions, learn more about Montessori, and consider why it’s a unique educational opportunity for your child. Along the way, we’ll share why it’s one of the most effective educational philosophies for promoting academic excellence, creativity, problem-solving skills, and an endless capacity for compassion and care.

Please reach out to schedule a visit. We can’t wait to meet you!


Brooke Hopkins
Head of School