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This is a period of rapid development. Children are fascinated by the world around them, and their learning experiences here lay the foundation for future academic success.

Primary classrooms are organized to encourage both the youngest child’s interest in concrete manipulative materials and the older child’s increasing understanding of abstract concepts. Older children build confidence by helping their younger friends succeed at tasks they have completed themselves.

The Primary Program Includes:

  • Practical Life activities build confidence and independence through the development of self-care skills, concentration, coordination, and a sense of order—all for later learning.
  • Sensorial, hands-on materials that engage all of the senses initiate critical thinking skills, preparing students for future challenges in mathematics, science, and language.
  • Language nurtures a love of language with manipulatives that build a deep understanding of the fundamental components of reading/writing. The environment is infused with books and a spirit of individual expression.
  • Geography & Cultural Studies capture the curiosity of students excited to explore their world.
  • Mathematics – from simple to complex, concrete to abstract, unique Montessori materials engage children in learning fundamental concepts that prepare them to approach learning with a mathematical mind.
  • Science provides new tools and opens children to a new way of looking at the world around them.
  • Special Classes in Music, Nature, PE and Spanish are offered weekly.

Spotlight: Primary Math