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Margaret Ann Bolick

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I recently graduated from Boston University with an undergraduate degree in Biomedical Engineering (’17) and a graduate degree in Mathematics Education (’18).  I currently teach 11th grade mathematics at a public charter school in Boston.

I aspire to go back to school to get my Doctorate of Education in either Educational Leadership or STEM Education. My ultimate goal is to use this degree to launch my career in administration and work towards developing an education system that decreases the opportunity gap amongst low-income students.

My favorite Riverbend memory is that every morning my parents would drop me off at Riverbend’s Early Care and every morning Mr. Cohen and I would sing the Beach Boys while he played the guitar. He used to change the lyrics to Barbara Ann to Margaret Ann and we’d sing it together every morning.

In my time as a public school teacher, I have seen a lot of students lack the ability to think or to be creative.  Riverbend taught me not to memorize a fact or piece of information, but to understand it, use it, and then think beyond it. What I would tell current Riverbend students is that they should take the freedom they have to be creative and continue that way of thinking for the rest of their lives.