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Middle School

In Middle School, students take on increasing levels of responsibility and independence as they build the academic, social, and emotional skills essential for the challenges of high school and college.

Our cross-disciplinary curriculum nurtures essential skills for academic success, including the ability to work both independently and collaboratively, to organize one’s work and time, to craft research into meaningful projects, to communicate effectively, and to think globally. Students strengthen their ability to:

  • Speak, listen, write formats, and to read with purpose and understanding through Language Arts.
  • Solve problems with Mathematics, through a deep dive into the fundamentals and applications of algebra.
  • Explore broad questions through research and philosophical discussion in History & Social Studies.
  • Utilize techniques and concepts of chemistry, physics, and biology in hands-on Science investigations.

Standardized testing at Riverbend is a diagnostic tool for teachers and provides students with essential test-taking skills for life. Grades 4–8 participate in CTP4 testing each fall.

Spotlight: Middle School Math