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Eliot Woessner

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I am currently a full-time student studying finance and economics at Marist College in New York, and I hope to use my degree for a career in corporate finance and portfolio management. My years at Riverbend helped me discover my talents and passions, and also helped me develop skills like planning and time-management, both of which I use frequently as a college student. 

I really value Riverbend’s individualized approach to learning because it allows students to move at their own pace. That was something I benefited from and it helped me discover my knack for math. When I look back on my years at Riverbend, I remember teachers like Alan Cohen who often spent time with me one-on-one to help with an assignment or school subject I was struggling with. This distinct sense of community helps foster strong relationships between students and faculty and is part of what makes Riverbend so great. Riverbend’s sense of community has always been one of my favorite things about the school, and it’s where a lot of my favorite memories come from. Like the winter and spring concerts; there was just something special about seeing the entire community come together.

My advice to current Riverbend students is to pay attention in class and take to heart the lessons you learn there. I know I still lean on the things I learned while I was there, and I am thankful for that foundation.