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Earth Day

Students picking up trash on campus

At Riverbend everyday is Earth Day — we are conscious about what we can learn from Mother Nature and how we can protect  it!  During Ms Janey’s nature classes the toddler, primary, and kindergarten students are working to clean up and take time to appreciate the beautiful world in the backyard of Riverbend. 

We start off with a lesson about items that are man-made and natural.  Outside the children discover man-made items on the lawn and we all set out to pick them up. We find plastic bags, paper, and other items that we know will not compost and become soil. We end the lesson with a discussion of  what we love about nature. 

Some students choose something that is really beautiful — that inspires a sense of wonder — for example, the beauty of emerald green moss. Or we may appreciate the function of something in nature, like clouds providing water for all living things.  Whatever it is, we write it down and place it in an appreciation jar — thanking Mother Nature for everything she provides us.  Celebrate our beautiful Earth!!

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