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Big Bang Mural

Through imagination, iteration, and consensus, Lower Elementary students designed their idea of what the big bang might have looked like. This mural will be the first in a series that will be used to teach the great lessons about the timeline of life. From the beginning of our universe until the evolution of humans that is the backbone of Lower Elementary curriculum. 

Students first drew or painted what they thought the big bang might have looked like. We then divided these pieces up into similar ideas, such as rainbow colors, black background, or centralized circles. We compared our ideas to master works by Van Gogh and Pollock. Through conversation, we came to consensus about what these ideas were that could be agreed upon. New pieces were then made that only had the agreed upon ideas. We repeated our conversations about these new pieces to come to one idea for our big mural. Once this agreed upon visual idea was placed on our board, everyone took turns painting to make our mural. The mural was unveiled at our Upper School Assembly on November 15.

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