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Alex Klinoff

Alexander Klinoff

Physical Education/Athletics Teacher

Springfield College – B.S. General Education, Criminal Justice minor Professional Certifications and Experiences include: Florida Teaching Certificate Elementary K-6, SPARK Physical Education Certification – Elementary Education Grades K-5, Working With At, Risk Youths – Broward County Certification, Exceptional Student Education – Broward County Certification, Instructional Strategies – Broward County Certification, Advances Classroom Management – Broward County Certification, Education/Special Populations – Gifted certification, Guidance and counseling for the gifted, Gifted certification, A.C.E Training and Certification, Flip The Script Teen prevention & Intervention training and certification.

Joined Riverbend in 2017

As an educator and coach I have been given the opportunity to support and impact my students’ development in dynamic ways. My work ethic includes a high level of energy and enthusiasm, which my students respond to very positively. The experiences that have guided me into the field of education have all been built upon a core of strong family values.

Being the eldest of seven children has molded me into a leader and a role model, but, principally, it has shown me the importance of functioning as a team. Throughout my career in sports, I have been able to use my developed skills to participate in numerous high-level sports, ranging from individual to team competitions. Wrestling, in particular, gave me the chance to unlock doors that have led to world travel, a solid foothold in my educational aspirations, and a deep respect for work ethic.

My training and fitness ambitions have grown throughout the years outside the usual format and have overflowed into exploration of traditional, modern and innovative programs. This has allowed me to seek out new ways to innovate my lessons by using technology, data collection, and a variety of gadgets that spark student creativity. I have always possessed a need to set and test my goals, which, in turn, have led me to a range of unique experiences, including wrestling in Europe, building homes for the poor in Mexico, and ultra light trekking through the jungles in Asia. These undertakings have helped me appreciate valuable lessons that can be taught through education and have consequently shaped my teaching techniques. Experiences such as these have helped me reach and engage my students in the classroom through methods that keep them absorbed and excited about the lesson at hand.

Being an educator has always run parallel with my lifestyle and I see teaching as the most rewarding and enjoyable job there is.


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