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Brooke Hopkins

Head of School

Volunteer Foster Care Case Reviewer, Massachusetts Department of Children and Families Understanding the Indian Child Welfare Act (DCF Volunteer Case Reviewer Continuing Ed); Aug 2022 Education Services within DCF (DCF Volunteer Case Reviewer Continuing Ed); July 2022 Substance Use & Parenting Impact (DCF Volunteer Case Reviewer Continuing Ed); June 2022 Family Networks within DCF (DCF Volunteer Case Reviewer Continuing Ed); May 2022 Domestic Violence & Children (DCF Volunteer Case Reviewer Continuing Ed); February 2022 LGBTQ Issues in Child Welfare (DCF Volunteer Case Reviewer Continuing Ed); January 2022 Connect the Dots: Disability Justice IS Social Justice; November 2021 Power and Human-Centered Design: Disrupting Power Asymmetry with George Ayre; October 2021 A Reflection on Resilience: Wisdom Gained During a Pandemic with Angela Park; October 2021 Unpacking Adultism; October 2021 No Substitute for Authenticity: Recruiting and Centering Black Teachers; October 2021 DCF Volunteer Case Reviewer Pre-Service Training; 8 hours in September 2021 Phasing Out Inconvenient Processes with Intelligent Automation; August 2021 Barr and NAS Mid-Level Leader Coaching; July 2021 - February 2022 Dismantling Bias & Coaching on Embedding Equity in Your Daily Work with Angela Park; April 2021 Recruitment and Equitable Hiring with Angela Park; March 2021 Equity in Decision Making with Angela Park; July 2020 Scenario Planning: What Comes Next with TDC; July 2020 Scenario Planning in the Time of COVID-19 with TDC; May 2020 Barr Klarman MA Arts Initiative Cultural Competency Training; 16 hours in October 2019 Immunity to Change Leadership Training with Minds at Work; 16 hours in April 2019 Barr Klarman MA Arts Initiative Fundamentals of Capitalization Training; November 2018 North Georgia Community Foundation Workshop: Developing Winning Grant Proposals; April 2016 MIT Grant Writing Workshop (online); August 2015 Constant Contact Webinar: Getting Real Results from Social Media; June 2015 Canva Exclusive Webinar: Advanced Canva Tips; June 2015 NAIS / TABS Global Symposium; April 2014 Personal Learning Networks Training; 30 hours during the 2011 - 2012 school year NAIS School Leadership Institute; August 2011 NJAIS Roundtable Discussion on Gender and Sexuality; April 2011 NAJIS Emerging Leaders Symposium; 40 hours during the 2010 - 2011 school year Bicentennial Education Symposium: Education in the 21st Century; June 2010 SIMS Curriculum Development Training; 30 hours in June and September 2008 Why Gender Matters Lecture and Discussion with Dr. Leonard Sax; March 2008 Diversity Workshop on Gender and Sexual Orientation; 20 hours in fall 2007 and winter 2008 All Kinds of Minds® Generalist Certification; 40 hours in January 2007 Covey Workshop; 20 hours in fall 2006 and winter 2007 Learning and the Brain Conference; November 2007 Self-esteem Teacher Lecture and Discussion with Dr. Robert Brooks; 8 hours in December 2007 Reciprocal Teaching Training; 8 hours in August 2006

Joined Riverbend in 2023

Brooke joined Riverbend as Head of School in 2023, after serving as Head of School at Oak Grove Montessori School in Mansfield, Connecticut and The Little School in Clarkesville, Georgia. A native Californian, Brooke started her educational career at a small school very similar to Riverbend, and eventually graduated from University California, Irvine with a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish, a Master of Arts in Teaching, and a Bilingual Elementary Teaching Credential. Before Brooke transitioned to administrative roles in admissions, marketing, development, curriculum design, and teacher education, Brooke taught every grade, preschool through high school in several regions in the United States. With over 20 years experience as an educator, Brooke believes that small schools are the best schools, and that a Montessori education provides the very best environment for children to thrive in and out of the classroom. 

Brooke is a proud Volunteer Case Reviewer for the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families, and she considers community service and activism work to be crucially important, both as a way to give voice and strength to those who need it, and to help inform the vital work we do in schools as we educate our future leaders.

In her free time, Brooke enjoys making the spaces around her more beautiful – in the spring and summer that means tending her vegetable and flower garden; in the fall and winter that means delving into design and decor projects in her home. Brooke enjoys checking in on her neighbors, and is a devoted morning walker with her two rescue dogs, and an evening cuddler with her four rescue cats. Brooke is an avid traveler and beach seeker, especially with her husband David and their two teenage daughters, Naomi and Juliet.


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